“Kayak” 9×12 oil painting

I chose to paint the reference approximately 3 years ago because I personally find it to be a very warm, inviting and peaceful scene. Placing the viewer in the kayak provides a person with a more intimate connection with the sun setting in the horizon. This painting is intricate in that it has so many places where various colors in the sky are reflected onto multiple areas in the water, the kayak and the oar. It took me a while, but I eventually figured out that it was easier to focus on one part of the sky and paint its path onto the rest of the objects in the painting. The result is a cohesive painting where people and nature connect. I made the original as a study as I wanted to make a much larger (30×40) version for my home. I am glad that I painted both because my mother fell in love with the painting and took the smaller painting home with her.

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