“Moonlit” 16×12 Oil Painting

I painted this just over a year ago and love the dramatic effect that the limited color pallet of black, grey, white and blue creates. Although the colors I used were limited, the combination of these colors was abundant. For example, the sky began at the top with blues, white and black, and white continued to be added until the bottom part of the sky was a pale blue. The darker black colors at the tops of the trees became diluted to create the shadows on the hillside. The various colors of blacks, greys and white on the hillside allow for sense of an unsteady surface that you can walk up on to see the full moon that is peaking out from behind the trees.   As reluctant of a blogger that I am, I was also challenged by my daughter to place my pieces for sale on Etsy. In late December a woman who lives in the western part of the US, bought my painting because it captured the spirit of the full moon and reminded her of the exact place where she would go on nightly walks with her dogs. My heart is happy to know that my painting found its way such a loving home.

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