“Skis” 10×8 Oil Painting

This one is for all of my friends and family who love to ski!  The reference was take last year and shows a unique perspective of the ride up to the top of the mountain.  There were a couple of challenges to this painting.  The first was getting the skis angled correctly to show the various levels of their placement in relation to each other.  The second was creating the effect of snow that was made by skiers on the trail below and the snow that settled on the skis themselves.  By far, it took me longer to figure out how to capture the movement of the snow on the trail than any other part of this painting!  As I get better at blending colors, I am using a broader range of color combinations to create a feel within the painting.  For example, the colors  that create the snow are primarily blues, a bit of white and a touch of black.   Although I have not skied in years, I think this painting captures the forward and upward movement that one experiences on a chairlift.

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