The Fisherman

“The Fisherman” is from a photo I took in the summer of 2013.  The gentleman is someone who is retired and loves to spend hours of time in his boat.  There were many times when he would slowly pass by in pursuit of his perfect morning catch.  His peace and serenity was easily apparent and something that we don’t often achieve in our daily lives.   It was this spirit that peaked my interest in painting this scene, and it was his quiet sense of calm and connection with the lake that made the paint simply fall onto the canvas without much thought or worry.  I have since met the fisherman, who is retired and lives far away from the lake.   He explained that his wife spent her summers here on the lake and they return every year just to enjoy this place of beauty. The photo was taken when he was finished fishing and, what I found out later, was he was on his way home (around the bend to the right, a pretty blue cottage on the lake).  I almost titled it “Going Home.”

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