Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory

I took many art classes in High School and then stopped painting all together until the fall of 2009.  The 1st year back was an epic fail with nothing that was “frame worthy.”  In the fall of 2010 I turned the corner and began to come up with some solid pieces that my daughters wanted to decorate their dorm rooms/apartments.  In 2012 my son asked me if I could paint Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory for his UVM dorm room.  At the time, I was constructing my own canvas from the frame to the fabric that was stapled onto the frame.  As a result, this painting is the 9 1/2 x 13 original size and was so much fun to re-create.  Although Salvador’s original is much better, I do think that I was able to capture the essence of his creation.  Following his painting, I learned a great deal about perspective, color and simply having fun with an image.  My favorite items in this painting are the ants and, of course, the melted clocks.  This painting remains one of my favorites as it gave me confidence that if I could re-create this, then I could perhaps create much more.

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