“Star Light, Star Bright” 24×30 Oil

“Sleep, sleep beauty bright.  Dreaming in the joys of night.”  William Blake This painting is an original design that was created for my daughter’s nursery for her child.   My daughter’s request was simple “I want a tree with an elephant and a bunny looking at the stars.  And I want it whimsical.”  With that… Continue reading “Star Light, Star Bright” 24×30 Oil

Apparently I can paint with my left hand!

This is a 5×7 oil painting that was done as an exercise in an art class.  The task was to paint something for 30 minutes… with your non-dominant hand.  I was scared that painting left-handed would result in nothing but gobs of paint colors splattered on the canvas, so I chose to paint flowers, which are… Continue reading Apparently I can paint with my left hand!

“Children Playing”

This painting is a favorite of mine and is frequently talked about by my family and friends. Because of its sentimental value, its challenging nature, and its importance to my daughter, I knew this should be one of the first paintings I post. Three years ago, my daughter traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to teach… Continue reading “Children Playing”