Silent Night

In high school I was introduced to many art forms and I created this pencil sketch (I believe) in my Freshman year.   My mother loved this sketch so much that she made it the family Christmas card for that year.  I have kept the one remaining Christmas card since that time, which in itself is pretty impressive given that I have lived in 3 different states and in multiple locations through the years.  I remember loving to sketch in high school and would doodle whenever something caught my eye.  Occasionally there would be advertisements for art schools asking you to sketch the some image.  At that time I could instantly create the image but I never pursued art after high school, not even as a hobby.  When I returned to painting in 2009 I bought a sketch book, pencils, charcoals, etc. with the thought that I could easily return to the art of sketching.   Unfortunately, I have not had as much success with this as I have with painting.  I don’t think I’ll give up the hope that my skills will return, after all my painting skills returned.

I chose this sketch for this week’s blog as Christmas is on Friday and I wanted to wish you all the best for the Holiday season and the New Year!



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