This will make my sister cry, but I’m posting it anyway.  Sportster was a beloved Yorkie who passed away after spending many happy and spoiled years with my sister and her husband.   The tricky parts in this painting was capturing the look in his eyes, his button nose and his scraggly hair.  I put  a thickening material into the paint which gave me the textured look of his hair.  I used a multitude of shades of brown to give the depth of his face and arm coloring.  Although Sportster is gone, they now have a reminder of their pet and his favorite blanket, “Miss Terry.”

Interestingly, I have had great success with capturing the essence of the pet in my animal portraits but for humans–not so much.  I won’t give up trying to conquer the human face but, for now, I should probably focus on our furry friends.

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