“The Toys”

My in-laws moved out of their house after 50 years. In the process of that move, this painting was created.  While emptying the house, my husband took all of the toys that he and his 3 brothers played with and carefully piled them up onto a tree stump in the backyard.  My daughter took a photo and suggested that I paint it as a gift.  While I have never seen myself as someone who could replicate precise figures, such as houses or toys, I found this painting to be one that simply fell off the brush.  Although the placing of the cars was by chance, the result was a perfect balance of color and form, and the splash of red is an eye catcher.

Because of the story behind this, it is a family favorite. This past weekend, I presented my work for the first time to people outside of friends and family. This painting received the greatest response.  One woman was moved to tears as she recalled her son playing with his toy trucks and cars, which they took with them when they moved from their home of 38 years.  Later in the day a gentleman told me that while he wanted to purchase the giclee of this painting, he could not do so because it would make his wife cry.   I was very humbled to have evoked such genuine emotions.

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